Third Spaces

Meet . Work . Network . Socialize . Re-energize 

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Third Spaces are becoming more and more popular. For that you can thank your local coffee shops and Starbucks for the modern-era third space.

What is a Third Space?

The Third Space is a term commonly used to refer to the space between home (the first space) and the workspace (the second space). The most common Third Space includes cafes, parks and other public places.

What’s the Buzz About?

Last year 43 percent of Americans said they spent time working remotely. Employees want the ability and the decision-making power to match their work activity with the right work environment. Having the opportunity to move during the day is important. This change of scenery can make employee feel more energized and focused. The Third Space is about creating an environment that supports the wellbeing of people physically, cognitively and emotionally.

Downfalls of a Public Third Space

The energetic buzz means a certain level of distraction and a lack of privacy. In a public space, you can’t conduct important conversations. Not only because of privacy but also because of noise level. What do you do with your personal items if you must use the restroom? You must pack them up and risk using your prime window seat or trust someone enough to ask them to watch your items. These public spaces never seem to have enough power outlets and WI-FI can be hit or miss. When workers leave the workplace to work, it separates them from their coworkers, organizational resources and culture.

Why Have a Third Space on Campus?

When you bring the comfort of a Third Space to your office it makes the office the best space to work. It gives employees the freedom and flexibility they crave. Creating this Third Space on campus allows employee to maintain close connections with colleagues without interrupting workflow. Employees can use the Third Space to take a break from their usual workspace and choose from spaces ranging from individual to large group settings.

Third Spaces are important to a company because it allows the organization to come together and feel a sense of belonging. This space not only encourages social interaction which is vital for employee engagement, but also makes it easier for people to meet and collaborate while still enjoying the buzz of the Third Space environment.

Where and How can I create this Third Space?

The space should make employees feel connected to the organization and to one another. A Third Space needs to be open, functional, welcoming and comfortable, allowing users to come and go as they please.

You may be asking where can I create such a space for my employees? The location of a Third Space can be virtually anywhere. The cafeteria seems like an obvious place but is not the only possibility. Look around and see where employees are having social gatherings, this may be prime real estate for your Third Space. Exterior spaces also make great Third Spaces. A Third Space needs to be open, welcoming and comfortable, allowing users to come and go as they please.

Design elements create the ambience of a Third Space. Finishes, lighting, music, scent, inspiring artifacts, artwork – these all work together to attract users by creating a sense of welcome. These elements can also tell users how to act in the space.

At Office Furniture Solutions our sales and design team can create the perfect Third Space for your business.